10,000 Head Of Cattle And Horses Lost In Panhandle Fires – Please Pray For Everyone Affected

Friends and Fellow Animal Lovers.  The people in Western Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas who are fellow horse and ranch owners need our help. This is a true farming and ranching community in the purest sense. Western Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas have had some of the worst fires ever sweep across their lands, through their ranches and their homes. Human Lives have been lost, 10,000+ head of cattle and horses have been lost, over 400,000 acres of land has been burned.

Image From: Dana Hokana Facebook

This devastating fire swept through with 70-80 mile an hour winds. People couldn’t get their livestock out in time. Some people lost their lives trying to save their livestock. Ranchers lost generations of cattle and horses. We all know how we cherish our animals family lineage, think if you lost the whole line! Many of these true grass roots ranchers used their horses in their daily work. Their ranch horses are gone. Their tack is gone. Fences are gone. Barns are gone. The land is littered with carcasses of burned animals.

Image From: Dana Hokana Facebook

Come on folks let’s help these people in need. This story isn’t getting much presence in the national news. Even though the fire is over, the devastation remains. Now is when people need your help. They need finances, tack, fencing supplies, hay & a lot of prayers.  To Help Contact: Jonathan Cutler with Ranch Aid at (913) 660-8816.  Written By, Dana Hokana.   

There is also a GoFundMe (Click Here To Donate) account that has been set up that delivered 500+ round bales and 100+ square bales. 3 tons of Large Animal feed and mineral. One feeder. Multiple 53′ trailers and cargo trailers of fencing (t-post, barb wire, etc.) and misc. supplies.  Please continue to donate and pray for the people and animals who are affected by these wildfires.  

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