So, You Think Spurs Are Mean?

So, you think spurs are mean? Well, they can be mean if they’re used by the wrong person. So can halters, lead ropes, polo wraps, water buckets (yes these too), saddles, bits, bridles, rocks, the list goes on. Anything can be mean if placed in the wrong hands or with the wrong person. Mean people are mean!

Spurs are not mean, they are meant to be an extension of your leg and should be used as a gentle extension of your leg. They are not meant for stabbing the horse, creating spur marks, making the horse bleed, or creating pain. If a person is doing that then THEY are mean, not the spurs. Spurs can actually be a RELIEF for your horse. Yes, I said it…a RELIEF!

If spurs are used properly, you won’t have to kick so hard! I’ve seen so many people who refused to use spurs, but they’re kicking the crap out of their horses. SO hard that I can hear the kicks 20 feet away! So, I encourage these people is to find a nice reputable horse trainer. One with happy horses who are respectful and responsive to the leg and talk to them. Ask them how they feel about spurs. Some may still not like them and if they have responsive, respectful, happy horses then they probably don’t need them and you might not either. Others who use spurs properly can teach you how to use them too.

Some people should never use spurs. If you have a temper, poor leg control or get frustrated easily….please don’t use spurs. Find a great trainer and a patient horse who can help you with your leg control 🙂

Please stop saying a horse is abused every time you see a set of spurs on the rider or calling me abusive for saying spurs are okay. Spurs are not mean, mean people are mean! Share this on Facebook if you agree!

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