Where have all the horse girls gone???

What happened to all of the little girls who LOVE horses? I’m not talking about the horses on the Netflix shows or the ones in video games like Star Stables. I’m talking about REAL HORSES!! It used to be that you’d show up to a barn and there would be tons of kids hanging around, helping out, and doing anything they could to stay at the barn longer. Now I see a ton of women my age and older, but very few children. Actually, at the barn I ride at there are over 200 horses on the property and my daughter is the only child who rides AT THE WHOLE ENTIRE FACILITY! Something is going on and it’s not good for our industry and especially not good for children. Children should be outside, touching, feeling, smelling, and experiencing real live horses in the real live world. Not virtual horses through a screen.

I will admit, I am guilty of letting my daughter watch Netflix and she LOVES to play Star Stables, but nothing beats the experience she has with her real horses. I wish more kids could experience this. Especially with what’s going on in the world right now and how stressful it is for children, they need horses now more than ever. They need that connection! I’m not sure how to fix this problem, but I do know that if any of those little girls playing star stables or watching free rein on Netflix got to be around a real horse, they’d be hooked for life. So from now on, I will be inviting more people to the barn, non-horse people, yes the ones that get in the way and ask too many questions. I will let their children pet my horses, feed them, and learn how to be around them. Most will probably leave with some funny stories about the day and never return, but you never know when the right little girl will show up and turn into a total horseaholic like the rest of us ❤️ Please share this on Facebook if you love horses!

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